In May of 2017 I attended my first event with Warren Caylor.

I had a friend who had mentioned him on several occasions, telling me about his work and how he traveled extensively demonstrating his gifts. I had never been to this type of event before, and didn't know what to truly expect. I've always had a sense of open-mindedness about spirituality as a whole, and even Psychic phenomena. However: Physical Mediumship was definitely new to me.                                                                                                               After all the participants gathered in the event room, Warren took the time to explain the process and answer any questions. He really made an effort to help everyone feel comfortable. Once the music began, we sat waiting for the second song to join in. As we joined in the song, that is when I like to say, "the enlightenment began". The room was greeted loudly and clearly by Yellow Feather. Soon we were also greeted by Sir Winston Churchill, Luther, and Tommy. There was a table, musical instruments, and trumpets all glowing in the luminous stickers. Yellow Feather said the children would like to come play, and the next thing we know, we listened to the instruments being played and watched as those instruments (as well as the table) dance in the air!                                                                                                             Warrens spirit team were very engaging in conversation with the group, and have shown to have quite the sense of humor. They joked with us, laughed and always ensured we were having a good time. They even gave us an opportunity to witness an Apport through Warren! I watched, in candlelight, as Warrens gag was removed and a stone almost 4inches across came from his mouth as he was still in trance! It was such a clear and beautiful stone, and it was truly a sight to witness! I remember as I left that first night of bearing witness to this amazing event, I was in awe.                                        Since that evening in May, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to see Warren demonstrate his gifts multiple times. Each time brings with it a new experience. I have been blessed to experience so much through Warren and his spirit team. I have been witness to Apports in broad daylight. Ectoplasm reaching passed the floor and even being draped over a guest at the event, direct voice as clear as a bell along with physical touch, levitation of numerous objects, instruments being played full throttle, along with bangs and knocks though out the room, and also spirit lights. I even had my sock removed by young Tommy who then tickled my foot all while he was giggling away! After that, I was then moved-while in my chair-to the center of the room as Yellow Feather played with my hair! I then was moved again in my chair, backwards towards the front of the cabinet, before I then shot forward again back to the center. It was all so effortless and gentle, I could hardly believe it.                                                                                                  I truly cannot begin to thank Warren and his team enough for taking on what could seem to be a daunting task of traveling and spreading this  knowledge in the hopes of spreading a little more open-mindedness and love into this world. What he does truly joins those who attend, in a feeling of energy that cannot be described other than acceptance and love. He has shown himself to be very down to Earth, never seeming to "put on airs" of being so much more than others. He genuinely is just himself and real. That is his best gift. That is how I know what he does is nothing short of amazing, because sometimes one must always consider the source.                               I will always be forever grateful to have been a witness to Warrens gifts, and I know I have continued to strive to be a better person in the world because of my experience with him and his team. I say to those who have yet to experience this, to come with love in your heart, a willingness to have a deeper understand of the world you live in, and experience it for yourself. I truly believe you will not be disappointed!